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Need a fast laptop 400$

I don't expect to be able to play any games on this, but I need a fast laptop with windows 7-64 bit that can handle multiple browser windows and applications at once.

I've never bought a laptop in my life so I honestly don't know where to start, I've looked around on newegg but people are always giving bad reviews that end up scaring me away.

My maximum price is unfortunately 400$.


I would like to be able to watch videos with this laptop and an internal wireless card would be preferred, photo editing is also something I would like to be able to do. Screen size doesn't matter a lot to me, I just want something I can sit on the couch and use for what I need to use it for until I can afford a new desktop PC.

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  1. your best off with a netbook

    but u can't do a lot of photo editing on it tho
  2. Any specific model you can link me to? I just need to know what I should be buying, I don't know what the good brands are or anything.
  3. You can find a laptop with that budget but do not expect any kind of powerhouse. That is the serious low end of the notebook price range. I would stay away from netbooks niece has one and while it it fine for web browsing it is painful trying to do much anything else including any sort of multitasking.
    I do not really know of one in particular to recommend at that price but some of these do not look too bad:

    This one would be a good consideration: No powerhouse but it has a 2.2ghz dual core processor with 4Gb of RAM. Generally good reviews and on sale.

    Another thing I might check out would be refurbished Dells. Normally I would not recommend a refurbished computer but a friend of mine had had several in a row with no problems and they have the same warranty as new and are generally quite a bit cheaper.
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    You'll usually end up looking at 2 possible specs:

    - An Intel dual-core machine with 4500HD as its video card

    - An AMD dual-core machine with 3200, 4200 (or maybe even 4330) as its video card

    In this day and age, a single core could choke up every now and then when you try to do a lot of things at once. In example, opening flash videos, opening word, while doing a background encoding task.

    The 4500HD from Intel would severely limit the games you could play on it, but it has enough processing power to play HD videos. If you're a bit interested in gaming, then AMD would be the way to go, but AMD's latest turions run hotter than Intel counter-parts.

    So if you're looking for an Internet surfing, document typing and HD video watching machine then an Intel machine would be suited to you. If you're a bit more interested in gaming, an AMD setup would be better.

    * Sorry I couldn't point you to a specific machine.
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