What kind of component failure would cause my computer to turn on, (fans work, drives wizz, mobo power light on), but to never even reach the bios screen. Would a fried CPU cause me to never even get into the bios? I see nothing on the screen and no beeps from the speaker.
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  1. I had the same problem one time. I figured it to be the mobo. The lights on the mobo were all on with all the fans, but the computer never booted up. I sent it back and got a new mobo and it worked after that. But I'm not sure if could be something else or the same thing. This is just what worked for me.
  2. You can be certain it is the mobo, if the capacitors or voltage regulators between the cpu and ps2 ports look bad. The vregs would have a burn mark while the capacitors would be swollen or popped. If you dont see any of these, it still could be the mobo, but check the psu first.
  3. I recently had a similiar problem. turned out i wrecked my power source and the voltage levels were too low to get my machine to boot up :)
  4. Is this a new build, or has it suddenly stopped working?
    What exactly is it? Intel, AMD, what? details always help.

    usually a good step in these situations is to try removing everything apart from the CPU (& its HS of course), the gfx card, and a stick of RAM - that's all you need to get to the BIOS.

    If you do that and it still doesn't work, try removing the mobo from the case and putting it on a non-conductive surface and again just running with the gfx, CPU & some RAM.

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  5. Most of the time its the MOBO at fault for system failures. Ram and CPU is stronger that you think. If it was your CPU then you would hear beeps or a weak voice from the mobo speaker. I trust that you have flashed your CMOS right?

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  6. ive had more cpus go bad than mobos.

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