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i recently bought the onyko nr 818 7.2 channel receiver, i also spurged and got the dvdo edge high definition video processor and the darbee darblet. probably overkill but i am 63 and deserve it. i have a very good bluray and direct tv to go with the tc p65 vt50 panasonic viera smart tv. i am a shrink not a surgeon so what is the best way to hook all of this together. thanks in advance, doc
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  1. Connect your direct tv box and bluray to the receiver and then out from that into one of the processors and then to the other one. From that one to the TV. All connections via HDMI cable. I would suggest though that you try each processor one at a time and then decide which one you like best. They may not work with each other since double processing the signal may introduce lots of negative effects. You can also change the order in which the signal is processed and see if that makes a difference. You may end up with only one so I hope you can return one. Have fun.
  2. thanks so much, wish i would have asked before i bought, im connecting it all tomorrow
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