Windows 7 surround sound 5.1 - Subwoofer and Right speaker switched?


I have a 5.1 surround sound system connected to my PC. When I test it, it seems to be a bit mixed up.
Im using the realtek sound drivers and when I test my Subwoofer it plays through the front right speaker and when I test my front right speaker it plays through the subwoofer.

Also now all of a sudden my Middle speaker plays through the left one and the left one plays through the middle one.

Im seriously confused as to why this happens. Ive checked if they are all plugged in correct and im sure they are. The back 2 speakers work perfectly fine but for movies this is extremely anyoing because well the sound is mixed up and isnt comming from where it should come.

Please help!

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  1. completely uninstall all of your audio drivers. install the latest ones.

    if you were using the latest ones... and still have this problem then try uninstalling them and using the ones that came on the install disk instead.

    set windows sound options to default then change it back to 5.1.

    sounds like some kind of software glitching to me. if you still have issues plug the speakers into a different pc and see if there are issues. if not then it confirms that its either software or something strange indeed is happening with your soundcard.... but my guess is on software.
  2. I did as you said and it didnt work sadly enough.
    It still has the same bug.
    Although I can be sure its not my Soundcard sind when I use my Linux partition, it works absoloutely perfectly.

    Only on Windows its having trouble.

    Any more idea?
    In theory it would be enough if a piece of software would let me assign each speaker to a position. Although I dont know any piece of software like this.
  3. perhaps something is bugging up in your windows install then. i hate to say it but a reinstall would probably work as that clears up pretty much every issue.

    but before you go that far... when exactly did it stop working correctly? do a system restore to a date prior to that. often enough strange issues like this go away and stay away when i do this. no idea why they appear in the first place though.
  4. Thats the problem. My hard drive actually broke recently and I was forced to reinstall BF3 2 times. Still the problem appeared every time.
    Actually one of those times I install Windows 7 ultimate and now im running windows 7 professional since I thought that might help.
    Still nothing.

    Oddly enough, while I just tested it in Battlefield 3, the sound is working fairly alright, only that too much sound is playing through the middle one and it doesnt really adjust the sound as to which way my charachter is facing enough.
    Not sure if that is also a sound bug or if that is BF3?
  5. if the sound issues happen only in bf3? its most likely bf3.

    if the sound issues happen in all programs.. key word ALL.. then its probably the sound drivers or the windows install.


    seeing as how you havent been running your install very long... its not a big issue to wipe and restart. i hope that the hdd you are running on is not the one that "broke". use a working one or a new one if it is the broken one.

    -full (not quick) format
    -install windows 7 (if you have ult and pro... i'd use ult but thats just me)
    -install video drivers from disk
    -install sound drivers from disk
    -install all other drivers (usb, network, etc)
    -install antivirus

    at this point test your speakers to see if they work fine. if yes then continue

    -install bf3 from disk no patches

    at this point test your speakers to see if they work fine. if yes then continue

    -install any multiplayer patches or updates

    at this point test your speakers to see if they work fine. if yes then continue

    install any multiplayer programs like gamespy or anything you need to connect to games (not sure how bf3 works in this regard)

    at this point test your speakers to see if they work fine. if yes then continue


    pretty much check every step to see where the problem begins. sometimes this is the only way we can figure out where the error is coming from.
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