Need help deciding which laptop is better

ok so im planning to get a budget laptop inshAllah. my main use will be watching hd 720(from hard disk and streaming), some light gaming and, well, general computer use like surfing, etc. my budget is 400$ AT MOST, and these three are the best laptops i found. and YES I KNOW NEITHER ARE GOOD FOR GAMING, BUT I DID SAY LIGHT GAMING!

although it would b nice to have larger space, but for me even 160gb is MORE THEN ENOUGH!! specially as i have anohter place to store data.

Acer Aspire AS5732Z-4598 $400
processor: t4400
ram: 4gb
graphics: gma 4500m
hardisk: 250gb

TOSHIBA Satellite L505D-LS5002 $360
processor: m100
ram: 2gb
graphics: ati 4100
hardisk: 250gb

Acer Aspire AS5517-5671 $350
processor tf - 20
ram: 3gb
graphics: ati 3200
hardisk: 160gb

so basically, is the $400 laptop worth the extra money? it does have more ram and a better processor which will make general computer use such as web browsing,etc, faster , but its built in graphics card is MUCH weaker so it probably wont be as good in playing games and video decoding. or will the stronger processor and more ram make up for the weaker graphics card in playing games and video decoding?

also, amonth the two $350 laptops, which is the better choice. i believe 3200 and 4100 are pretty much equal performance wise, but otherwise, how much difference will there be in the performance of these two laptops?

oh and if there is another laptop in my range which would be a better choice, please do share.
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  1. I would go for the first one because it has a far better CPU than the others.
    It also has more RAM too
  2. but how much will it suffer in playing games and decoding video because of the weak graphics card?
  3. I agree with Maziar; get a notebook with the best CPU you can. With a better CPU the notebook will be future-proofed a little longer.
  4. death_relic0 said:
    but how much will it suffer in playing games and decoding video because of the weak graphics card?

    4500MHD is a low-end card but the ones in the other notebooks are low-end as well.
    And decoding video mostly benefit from a faster CPU rather than a better VGA.
  5. thanks, any ways, my budget just incerased to 500$.. so any other suggestions? the best i could find was a 4330 graphics card and a ql-64 processor with dell insperon, 3 gb ram , 250 gb hdd. ql-64 is just slightly lower then t4400 but graphics card is MUCH better.. so is there any better laptop for the price?
  6. its specs are pretty much identical to the acer aspire i listed :/
  7. Yes but it has a better build quality
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