MSI 6905 + ??? on Asus P3C-D

I chanced upon an Asus PC3-D and two of those MSI 6905 (rev1.1) sloket 370 cards and I am trying to piece together a buget dualies.

What CPU's can drop into 6905's and expect them to work (with this mobo)? I see much talk about dual pga celerons and the 6905 and that is nice. But:

Can I get a pair of pIII 370s at 100mhz and mount them on the 6905's and go?

If so, what PIII's can I put on there just the 100mhz 370s or can you put 133mhz 370's?

Anything special to look for in the piii 370s in or to double up?

Or ditch the 6905's and just get slot1 Piii's?

Or really do put Celerons on the 6905's (if so, what kind,etc)?

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  1. Does that adapter support Coppermines? If it does, it should have a switch (jumper) for Coppermines or "Celerons".

    As long as the adapters are coppermine compatable they should work with 133MHz bus coppermines as well. But I don't think that version of the adapter was.

    I'd suggest you go with a pair of PIII 1.4 Tualatins and a pair of Upgradeware Slot-T adapters.

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