Windows 7 wont reconize my ATI HD4670

Ok, so i am new to windows 7. I hated vista, love xp, and played with windows 7 and kinda like it. Well i just installed it on my Dell Optiplex GX270, i have a ATI IceQ HD4670. Worked fine on XP, but i cannot seem to get windows 7 to even acknowledge that its there. I have downloaded the latest drivers and CCC for it, and it installs fine, but still no option to switch to it in the control panel. And then i saw that it was the same driver for Vista as it is for Windows 7, so i uninstalled everything, and used the original CD and just installed the vista option. Still doesnt work. Any ideas. Plz help. :(
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  1. You may need to access your BIOS during POST, to change the graphics device from on-board to AGP. The save your settings and re-boot.
  2. it should automtically default to the graphics card on a dell!
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