Performance chart of Thg Users

It would be interesting and very usefull to have a chart of benchmark of all the people here in thg.

Benchmark like:

With the system info of everyone:
-Cpu (Speed an type)
-Ram (Speed an type)
-Video Card (Speed an type)
-Hard Disk

It would be usefull because a lot of people come in the forums and say things like : Is my xxxx benchmark score Ok?.
With a chart they could go compare with other...

Anyone interested?

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  1. Alright, I'm starting to get peeved too. I second the notion.

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  2. i just need a way to do it....

    My own beast: Athlon 2700xp+ (oc: 3200xp+ with 200fsb) , Radeon 9800pro (oc: 410/370) , 512mb ddr400. SO MUCH faster than my last computer (pIII 550......)
  3. Well, I'm bored at the moment so I suppose I'll go and get the programs at least. May never use them... :smile:
  4. its probably a good idea but....with all the possible combinations of cpus, motherboards, chipsets, ram, you really think that even if a newbie takes the time to look for or look at a benchmark chart, he/she will still not post the same old questions because their rig doesnt match one of ours exactly?

    that being said, if a chart is going to be developed i'd contribute. maybe someone can layout which benchmarks will be used and then post links to them, to speed up the process.
  5. I've thought about 3DMark and Aquamark charts. But I think there's too much chance of cheating in 3D benchmarks. We can only hope that people won't do things like decreasing mip-map detail level, benchmark in lower resolution/lower color depth, cheaptimized driver to get edge over other score. The thought of cheating is holding me back.

    And I think PCMark is useless. Same thing applies for Sandra/Sysmark/Winstone. Think about something else. I think divx/xvid/lame mp3/ogg vorbis encoding test would be a good idea, but test result can vary depending on test file used.

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  6. Although I am sceptical that is will lower the "is my score low" newbie posts, it sounds like a good idea.

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  7. That would be a crazy chart, I think to much information would be on it, it would be hard to sort out.

    You should make a top performer chart having the fastest performing PIII, fastest performing P4, athlon, athlon xp, 64, fx, etc. People will feel better that way as long as they know they have a chance to get the highest marks in their category.

    [mind went blank]
  8. Doing it for 3Dmark seems utterly irrelevant to me.. after all, madonion already has such a database, and its far more powerfull, big and "cheat free" as anyone could every hope to accomplish on his own.

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  9. but you have to register at futuremark forum. many people may be too lazy for registering (including me).

    btw, it's cheat free only when it comes to resolution. how does it prevent other cheats?

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  10. This info is online at furturemark. This is pointless.

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  11. I hear you, i think that performance test is useless as well. I kept "cheating" if you will. I now am getting 460 mark scores. People like to call it tweaking, i agree though... it's cheating.

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    Figured i'd do it too..reality my ass.
  12. i could do th chart by i do not know how to do it (i could post it directly in the forums but there only so little place to type your message that i would get lost)

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  13. I have always believe your scores Spitz I know what my system is supposed to score and it does exactly what it should set to the very minor clock speed adjustments I have done to it.

    I also hate cheaters and hackers I have been online for so long in multy player games that unless we play with he same guy for 2 or 3 years we seldom believe everything they do is without hacking or cheating.

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