Pc shut down/crash automatically but pled stays on

Just made a new pc running w7hp from a wd green drive.
Psu is a corsair cx430 cpu the a10 5800k and the motherboard is the asrock a75pro4-m.
All parts are brand new.
For some reason the pc just turns itself off, even when in use. The pled stays on but the power nor reset button work.
To turn it back on, one needs to turn the psu off and on first.

any tips ?
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  1. If it stays stuck in the unresponsive mode a trick that helps is you take off the motherboard battery to reset the BIOS. see if that helps. also you can unplug-replug your ram.
  2. It is probably your PSU's fault, maybe 430W power supply is to weak to power your system...
  3. Sounds like a heat or BIOS error, to me. Have you cleared the CMOS?
  4. Not yet, but the psu is more than adequate and temps never go above 55°C in occt linpack. I have reset settings in the bios a lot of times before so I don't see that being a problem eighter.
  5. Does your PSU have a Voltage setting in the back? Ensure it has the proper voltage setting for your country. Also make sure the pug in the back is not loose.
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