Need to cut and join 15 pin coumpter cable

hello i am new here. some help is much appreciated. i cut the 15 pin computer cable and notice there was three course and the rest finer wire altogether not 15 wire, and resolder all of them color matching. i had to cut the end off to pass the cable through a tube under concrete floor the head too big. after I resolder all wire and tried it, i get no signal via computer to enternal monitor. help any suggestion. pls.
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  1. are there any other connection options on the monitor? HDMI, DVI, S-VIdeo, RCA

    What is the cable length between the Monitor and Computer?
  2. hello tks for responding to my querry. yes there are other options hdmi rca. I use the pc option on the tv monitor. I already cut head off and run wire under concrete tube. most computer older do not have hdmi,
  3. A VGA cable carries an analog signal,
    and the maximum length decreases as the resolution goes up.
    1024x768 can run effectively over a 9 meter (30 ft) cable, but
    1600x1200@60Hz won't work well past 1 meter (3.5 ft).

    Your options are to user repeaters to increase the distance
    to over 600 ft -…

    or use DVI instead. Since it's digital it can carry longer, even with high resolutions, up to 30 ft

    Hope that helps...
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