Gaming headsets! Basically Siberia V2 vs Turtle Beach X12

Ive got anywhere from $50-90, and after a LOT of research i have come back to the place i love best, Toms. I am looking at the Steelseries Siberia V2, and the Turtle Beach x12. Anyone know what these are like in comparison when comparing comfort? sound quality? mic quality? are there any actual specs that make one better than the other? My sound card is probably terrible, will that make a difference in these two products?

Thanks for any input!!
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  1. Be you not gotten any response ?
  2. I don't begin to understand what tred said (hahaha I rhymed) but yeah... Are you open to other headset suggestions? If not, I have no idea about which one is better. I do know that I have a corsair vengeance 1300 and its (insert swear word here)ing amazing. It is $70~ on amazon.
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