Optorite dvd-rw-dd0401 writer / reader

I'm new at this so bear with me.I let a computer technician "HA HA" install an Optorite dvd-rw-dd0401 writer / reader on my computer which is running Windows XP Professional 32 bit .
This device has never worked, When I tried to get the installation disk and user guide for it he said he didn't have them.
I downloaded a fixit program from Microsoft, When it ran the diagnostic on the dvd writer the results were bad.
It was incapable of writing a cd, my drivers were
not compatible with Windows,Drivers were corrupt and or missing, Filter driver were corrupt or missing it was not assigned a driver number and Windows had disabled it.

I have tried repeatedly to get help from Optorite
I don't think they are in business as Optorite any longer.I have also tried repeatedly to get a
compatible driver from Microsoft, Without any results. They always say install manufacturers installation disk. I don't have one
Can anyone give me some useable advice?
Thank you
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  1. Best to dump the drive -- a new drive for a desktop computer isn't all that expensive and will come with a CD containing the drivers (if any) that you need. If you carefully observe how the present drive connects, remove it and take it with you to the dealer he'll be able to (hopefully) guide you to a drive that's plug compatible with your computer.
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