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My mom has a problem with her older desktop. It keeps coming up to reboot with proper boot device or insert media...
I have gone into the BIOS and changed the boot sequence, but no matter what I do, that message always appears. There is not a cd in the drive. I have tried removing the cd-rom from boot-up completely, and it still goes back to that message. I know this is an older machine, but really I just want to get the info off it for her and I am unable to do that right now. Is this a hard drive issue, or a motherboard issue?
I realize this message has been asked before, but the answers appear to be the same; to make sure the boot sequence is correct. I have already done that and its not working. Can anyone help?
Its an American Megatrends pc, and runs windows 7 with all the updates.
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  1. Hi,
    It might be a HDD issue. Remove it and leave only the DVD drive, insert a bootable CD/DVD and test.
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