Putting software and windows on new harddrive

Hey all,
I recently bought a new harddrive and i want to transfer windows and my files to it.
Problem is i dont have a big enough external hdd to do this.
Is it possible to only format a partition of the new HDD when installing windows?
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  1. You should be able to install the new hard drive in your computer without taking the current one out .
    Then you can format it from windows using disk management options

    and then you can clone the drive you have using Norton Ghost or Acronis True Image.
    If you dont want to pay for the software you can download and use True image on a 30 day trial

    Its very good , it works well .

    After you have cloned your hard drive you can check that all is good by disconnecting the power to the old drive and attempting to boot from the new larger drive .
  2. Thanks for the reply.
    I also wonder if its possible to simply pick some folders and move them instead of cloning the whole disk. It feels like that'll get rid of a lot of unecessary files.. I guess its not without an external harddrive?
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