DESKJET D2460 CARTRIDGE 21XL is not intended for use in this printer

DESKJET D2460 CARTRIDGE 21XL "The following printer cartridge is not intended for use in this printer". What is the solution for this message? I have installed a new cartridge, not a HP genuine one but a new one, not a refill.I have reinstalled the drivers,but I receive the same message.The power button blinks 1Hz and the printer don't receive any command from PC. Any reseter or patch for solving the problemm?
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  1. I'm afraid this sort of situation is increasingly typical as manufacturers attempt to achieve a monopoly of supply of renewables for their products.

    Even though this sort of practice has been subject to anti-trust action in the past (IBM case in the 1970's) by using technology like building chips into printer cartridges, it's easy to do.

    Though they are not alone, HP seem to favour this sort of conduct (I've also heard of problems with changing components on their laptops) and you might consider this when you next purchase any computer equipment.

    Meanwhile I would contact the supplier of your cartridge which is supposedly compatible and point out that it is not, apparently.
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