Keyboard key will NOT go on

a few of my keyboard keys came off. i got most of them back on but theres two that i jus cannot get on for the life of me.
i have an Acer Aspire One 532h.
i tried everything.. went to many different websites.... and it always ends the same, with the bottom of the key secured, and the top part sticking up.

as you can see, the setup of this kinda different than from others
so can someone please help?
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  1. This scissors/deckchair type mechanism is a dreadful way to fix keys but very common.

    Just try to assemble the loose bits in the right order and the correct way up and employ a sort of rocking motion side to side to try to get the little pegs to go in.

    Be patient. The only alternative is to find a similar computer that's broken in some other way and salvage some keys or the keyboard -- or pay Acer for a new keyboard.
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