Dell ultrasharp U2311H,worth the deal???

I can buy Dell urltrashap U2311H at 223(after 20% discount)now,but I don't know whether it is worth the deal
it is a cheap version of IPS panel
the response time is 8ms,but i do not care it very much because i do not play a lot fps.
the gamut is 82%,which is much inferior to other models,but considering its price,it is good.

My last concern is that is it possible the price falls in near future? I searched the youtube and someone said they bought the model at 200 bucks.

Also,any one has the deal for U2410H at about 300 to 350,that is a nicer choice if the price falls into this range.Thank you for reply.

Too bad the sandy bridge is not available now,I am considering postponing my new build (LGA 2011 will be released 2011 Q3 and sandy bridge will be history),but I am considering buying the LCD first to watch some nice movies on my laptop..........
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  1. Color gamut of 82% isn't really considered inferior. Normal color gamut is 72% while wide color gamut can be as high as 97%. The wide color gamut makes colors a little more greenish, but the benefit is for color printouts. Assuming both printer and monitor are properly calibrated, wide color gamut makes it easier for both displayed and printed colors to be the same.

    LED backlit monitors have a color gamut of 68% which makes colors a little bluish. There is no benefit in any application so LED backlight would be considered inferior.

    Dell has been know for having periodic sales, but nothing guarantees that prices will dip that low again. You can wait and wait and wait, but if you wait long enough those monitors just might go out of production and you loose your chance of buying one.

    I doubt prices will drop that low again. Inflation is starting to creep up which means manufacturing costs are starting to go up.
  2. thx,jaguarskx,one last question,any recommendation for IPS panels from other brands so that I can compare them???or you think Ultrasharp is the best choice?
  3. wonder the price 279 shown on Dell website is after tax or before tax???
  4. That is before tax and shipping charges.
  5. No,shipping is free......
  6. anyone knows why I can not use coupon code for 20% off on small business account,I just received the coupon code from dell official yesterday
  7. Probably because it can only be used so many time before it is expired. The coupon code is not unique to you, it is a "general public" coupon so maybe only the first 800 or 1000 uses are valid.
  8. too bad,the lowest price of that LCD is 199,just 3 weeks ago,what a misery for me

    now it is 279.9 before tax now without coupon....i will definitely wait for the price fall down 230 to buy it
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