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Is music on mp3 in fat 16 file format

Does anyone know if 'standard' music on an MP3 player is in FAT12, 16, or 32 file format??
I have a Sansa Fuse MP3 player I want to connect/play via the USB connection on my Panasonic Blu Ray player; but, when I connect it via USB it indicates it's not in a 'compaitble format.' the only help from tech-support at Panasonic is that it doesn't guarnatee it will work with all USB devices, and it only recognizes the FAT formats. Help!
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  1. FAT12 and FAT16 are pretty old so I really doubt your MP3 uses them. FAT12 is basically for floppy drives and really, really small and old hard drives; storage capacity is limited to 1.6MB. FAT16 was used by old hard drives and the storage capacity limited was around 2GB. Since the smallest Sansa Fuze is 8GB it must use FAT32 by default.

    I can't explain why your BR player does not recognize it. Perhaps there's an issue with it's USB port? Have you tried to connected it to a PC?
  2. Thanks for the reply!! My Sansa Fuse is a 4GB (2 yrs. old). I'm using the standard USB connector that came with it - which is what I used when transferring files to/from computer and to charge it. The USB works fine with the computer, just not to my Blu Ray. Could it be because the one I'm using is meant for charging/transferring files only? Do you know if there's another type of USB connector I need in order to play it via my Blu Ray?

  3. A standard USB cable is used for both charging and data transfer.

    Maybe the BR player's USB port is bad. Can you borrow a thumb drive with music on it or a friend's MP3 player and plug it into the USB port?
  4. I think I have most of it figured out...the Blue Ray plays MP3 music via USB ona thumb drive---not the actual MP3 device. I "thought" I could plug in the MP3 device/play direct thru Blu Ray, but cannot. I put in a thumb drive with photos, and had one song in mp3 format, and works fine.

    NEW challenge: all the songs on my Mp3 are in WMA format (Windows Media Audio), so is there a way I can convert them to MP3 format?? If so, then I can transfer the music from MP3 device to thumb drive, then play via Blu Ray.

    Also, going forward to download new music, how do I get into Mp3 format??

    THANKS! :)
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    Download dBpowerAmp version 10. It's a pretty good audio converter. I use version 13.2.

    Not sure if it works with Win Vista or Win 7 since this is an old version. Newer versions are no longer free.
  6. Thanks!! Will definitely download/try it. You've been very knowledgeable and helpful - and I'm only 'moderately tech-savvy' - so I really appreciate it!!! :)
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