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Ok so... recently I bought an Asus N61jq-x1 laptop...
So I decided to download AIM and video chat with a friend of mine who's using a Mac and iChat.
It worked fine at first but when my batteries almost died I plugged the charger in.
Right after that, the sound from the chat completely shut off and I couldn't hear anything.
So I restarted AIM hoping it'd fix the problem, but it wouldn't even load the video anymore...
I've researched hoping to find a solution: changed the firewall ports and even did a clean reinstall of windows.
Nothing worked... so I was hoping someone could help me...
And the funny thing is that when I tried video chatting with my sister's laptop, which is a mac, it worked fine...
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  1. Maybe there's a problem with Asus and voice comms:
  2. The problem is that the video chat works perfectly fine with my desktop, which is an iMac using iChat.... the video and the sound works. So... is it a problem with the connection then?
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