Do you think that 3D TV is in demand by the public?

Nowadays TV manufacturers are making oled and other high-tech TVs rather than 3D TV. How many of you think 3d still deserves our attention? And among two types of 3d i.e. (passive or active) technically which one would be better to go for?
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  1. 3d is a "ride" thing that people like do do every once in a while at a theater as an escape becasue its fun on a 90 foot screen. 3d needs a very large screen. even a ultra nice panasonic vt series 65inch 3d plasma screen in a common sized room is not nearly as enjoyable "3d experience" as a cheap 100" screen and a cheap 720p 3d projector.

    Actually to be honest, not even talking 3d, i would prefer "any" newer entry level 1080p projector and dirt cheap painted wall, no screen material, over a 70" sharp or a 65" panny. size wins over quality by a long shot here. ive seen many impressed by 100" 720p content over their 50" 1080p at home.
  2. Well that’s true actual 3d affects would be better to watch in bigger size TV screen and of course with high resolution image quality, but I believe up to 65” or 70” would be fine, but a 100” 3D TV screen would get quite expensive here and I believe that it won't be everyone’s cup of tea.
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