Dedicated COM port, stop OS from sending data?

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I'm attaching seral devices to a WindowsXP system (COM ports via
Prolific USB-Serial) device. I've had two probems:

1) Windows thinks the GPS is a serial mouse, used /NoSerialMouse switch
and that got fixed.

2) Now I have a serial device that usesed the first byte sent to it to
autobaud, it get's confused since windows appears to send something out
the port.

?? Is there a way to flag these ports as allocated for a user program
to run later, ie. no probing?

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  1. Hello,

    For several times I was (and my customers, too) a vitim of 'crazy mouse jumper', but I tired to try disable the false mouse device at Control Panel at Vista. So, I develop a small and simple utility to help fix it: NoSerialMouse. It's free and works with all Windows versions, including Windows 2000, Windows XP and Vista 64 and 32. Download it, here:

    More detail (sorry, portuguese only) at:

    I hope that it helps someone.

    Marcio Wesley Borges
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