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I have an HP laptop, model ZX275. I play a lot of games, mainly FPS. The 'puter does a decent job running the games, frame rates, etc, but at irregular intervals it "looses" the mouse. Depending on the game you hear the winXP "device disconnect" sound, the light in the mouse goes off (it's an optical usb) and no mouse. Game continues to run, keyboard responds, and usually the touchpad responds. Then after an indeterminate amount of time, you hear (maybee) the "device connect" sound, the mouse lights up, and its buisness as usual. I've got a dialog going with HP tech support, but of course because I'm running games, and that's the only time I have problems, and my mouse isn't an authorized HP accessory, well you get the picture. Interesting thing is, one my fellow techs out here has an almost identical HP laptop, a model ZT1000. Identical in every respect, except he has a 30 gig hd and mine is 20. Right down to the problem with the mouse. Same games, as a matter of fact. Different makes of mouse. I've tried two other mice, and they had the same problem. Got four or five other laptops out here, and when we get together to LAN, they all run fine, no mouse lockup there. Just the two HP's. Anybody got any ideas?
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  1. Do you have an PS/2 mouse connector? Try that, and see if your problem persists. Perhaps the games sucks so much juice out of you PC that it isnt able to properly service the USB connection.

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