Which HDD should I install 64-bit Windows 7 on?

Thanks in advance everyone!

Ok, here is the deal. I have two hard drives, a WD Raptor 75GB 16MB Cache, and a WD 250GB 16 MB Cache model: (WD2500KS SE 16).

The question is, which HDD should I install Windows 7 64-bit on? I have poured through the threads and I found references to my raptor being too small for a 64-bit os. Is this true?

I looked at the HDD drive charts, and I understand my raptor does outperform the other. However, my question is: Is the Raptor too small for a 64-bit os?

Any insight would be deeply appreciated.

Also, I understand the Raptor outperforms the other drive. I looked at Tom's charts and compared the two. However, how much of this is noticiable? Thanks!
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    The raptor is big enough for the OS and program files, it's also faster.
    If you keep your personal files like photos, music and video on the 250gb you will be ok. You can also install programs onto the second drive if needed.
    I would keep 25-30% of the primary (OS) drive free. You can fit a lot of programs onto 40gb give or take a few.
    When using video edditing and burning dvd's make sure to set the default folders to the second drive, as they tend to shove everything into the document folder which can chew up hdd space.
  2. the raptor.. i have vista 64 on a 37 gig raptor and its fine
  3. Doesn't make a difference, really. Usually you want to install the OS on the fastest drive you have available... but if space is a concern (which it shouldn't be), then installing on the larger drive isn't going to hurt much.
  4. the 75gb is a good choice if ur not a gamer
  5. Thanks, everyone! Everyone's answers have been extremely helpful! I will install Windows 7 64-bit on the Raptor. ; )

    I will use the WD 250GB as my app's, music, games, etc... drive. = )

    Again, thanks a ton everyone!
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