Having difficulty changing my computers refresh rate from 60hz to 120.

i just got my sony bravia ex7(model# kdl32ex710) and i'm using it as my primary monitor for my pc. now the sony is able to have 120hz refresh rate but my computer likes to think differently. its not allowing me to change my refresh rate from 60hz to 120hz nor does it give me the option to. im running an AMD9500_ Quad-Core 2200mhz 6GB ram_ windows7 64bit_ ATI HD 6870
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  1. 120Hz HDTVs do not operate like 120Hz monitors.

    They only accept 60Hz input. The "120Hz" refers to some internal video processing that the HDTV does to smooth out movie and video playback. This video processing takes a little bit of time to do so it creates input lag for games so it is suggested you set the HDTV to 60Hz mode to avoid the additional input lag.

    120Hz 3D HDTVs also operates differently compared to 120Hz monitors.

    3D HDTVs operates in 48Hz mode; 24Hz for each eye.
  2. Do you know if this would cause screen dimming Jaguarskx?
  3. photography10 said:
    Do you know if this would cause screen dimming Jaguarskx?

    Exactly what do you mean?
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