Onboard audio broke, need advise for new sound card

Yeah I got an Asrock p67 extreme 4 gen 3 and the on-board audio stopped working yesterday and I need advice on what audio card I should buy. I don't need anything extreme just something that was on-par with my on-board audio (alc892) if yall could recommend something it would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. It's usually that the driver is corrupted...

    Double click the speaker icon in the lower right hand of the desktop, this will bring up the mixer, or single click to bring up the volume control.
    But in case the volume is missing, corrupted, or the audio is otherwise non-functional:
    you check whichever audio was installed:
    click start, control panel, add remove programs, look at the list...
    which audio software is shown on the list? delete it, restart the computer.

    now visit the motherboard manufacturer or computer manufacturer's website
    look up your computer drivers by model number
    download the latest audio drivers, save on the desktop...
    turn the antivirus off,
    if you have multiple security programs installed, turn them all off
    (your driver may not install if security systems are turned on)
    now load your new audio driver, restart, turn the antivirus back on.
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