Windows 7 64bit printer sharing issues


I've read all the topics so far on this website and are still unable to share the printer with my 32 vista laptop.

The printer is shared and has x64 and x86 drivers installed, the printer is also installed on the laptop.

The printer will print if connected directly to either computer but wont print through the networked router.

Theres no firewalls and anything i can think of that blocking it. Both computers can share files and the vista laptop
can see the printer when going to print but it just comes up with printer unable to print try these troubleshooting steps ect.

The printer is a HP C5380 All in one, supports both 64 and 32 and has drivers for both.

If anyone can point me into the right direction would be great.
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  1. I remember having an issue where if I disabled windows firewall I could not get my printer to sync. I had disabled it by disabling the service. Re-Enabling the service, and then adding the printer on the 32 bit vista laptop should see no problems. After the sync has been made you can disable the firewall to your liking. This is what I had to do to get my 64 bit 7 PC to my 32 bit Vista Laptop.
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