Error: unable to start the bluetooth stack service

error: unable to start the bluetooth stack service.
Using a Dell 6500, Windows 7, cannot sort this out, any advice?
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  1. Does the laptop have bluetooth built in or are you using a dongle that you have hooked in via USB?
  2. Its registration issue.

    If you are still receiving : ERROR: Unable to start Bluetooth Stack Services?

    Have you recently run a registry program for example Registry Booster 2?

    If so then this may be the cause and suggest you restore to an earlier saved point from the RB backup.

    I had the same issue and despite contacting Dell support and checking internet forums, the problem still occurred until I recognized it was the registry program new settings that was causing the start up problem.

    I restored on the Registry problem to the back up and the issue has gone. I can even locate my BT TRAY.

    Microsoft support don't seem to have an idea. Nothing new there.
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