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I am looking for a gaming mouse that has an adjustable scroll wheel resistance click feature. I know there are mice like the Logitech G9x that have this so called "Hyperscolling", but even in the click-to-click mode one simple move of my finger and the Logitech actually registered 2-4 clicks and therefore the Logitech are not what Im looking for. I want the click strenght on the highest strenght to be a guaranteed 1 click. I use the scroll wheel in every game with different tasks, cycling through the weapons selection and I usualy pass the weapon I wanted. Another instance is the scope zoom, I want it 2x but I usualy end up getting 8x or 3rd zoom which is no zoom. So I need a mouse capable of registering just 1 click. And when I enter a game that I prefer a more loose wheel I have the option for it. Is there anything out there that has this feature that you have tried yourself? Please, I can't find much on the net about this feature, only thing that appears is Hyperscrolling and it still had that loose feel on click per click mode.
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  1. Product that matches your description:

    Saitek Cyborg Mouse.
    I haven't used one but from reviews the wheel resistance is adjustable. It was reviewed to be rather uncomfortable and gimickey though.

    Product I would actually recommend:

    Razer Deathadder Mouse
    Doesnt feature an adjustable scrollwheel but the clicks are pronounced enough for click-to-click mode. the resistance is not quite high enough to discourage mass scrolling but it will not be as resistance-free as logitech's hyperscrolling mice. Overall a good balance between both modes of scrolling.

    Play around with one in a local electronics shop if you have one.
  2. Yeah that Cyborg your talking about, the PM42 right? That mouse was replaced by the R.A.T. mice and isnt being made anymore. I did go to Best Buy, thats were I learned the Hyperscrolling really wasn't for me. Problem with checking on the retail stores is that most of the gaming box are not on display.
    I have heard of a "Fireglider" from Sharkoon, anyone know if it's scroll wheel adjusts nicely or is it still loose like the Logitech's hyperscrolling?
  3. Ive tried the Cyber Snipa Stinger and the Cyborg R.A.T. 7 and they offer really low click resistance hardly enough to be called click per click. I read the reviews on the Cyborg PM42 you mentioned, they do mention it is uncomfortable among other comments so I wont waste my money on that.

    I did try going on electronics store to try the mice there, all gaming mice are not in display, so I bought the RAT and Stinger and returned them after trying with no luck. I cant keep doing this though, its a store's worst nightmare.

    Forgetting about an Adjustable Click Strenght, what would be simply the hardest click resistance mouse youve tried? Something that would definately be click per click, any suggestions?
  4. razer deathadder has a very pronounced click-by-click scrollwheel. keep in mind that if you want faster scrolling you can change scrollspeed with the mouse driver software.

    this is what i use.
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