Hello everyone!
I am looking to get new monitor, because my old one has work for me 4 years (19', AOC).
I would like to get build in DVB-T in my new 23/24 LCD monitor. I am watching lot of films, tv series, also doing some work on PC and some kind of a games.

So far I have found this 2 monitors with price around 400$.
Is there any chance we can soon get ips+tv+led backlight?

Sorry for my bad english, it's not my first language
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  1. Anyone???
  2. Please help me with this, Lg is almost 50$ cheaper, but looks liek they both are very similar
  3. if you added a tuner card to your computer instead you would have a wider assortment of monitor choices. if you insist on a monitor-based tuner then your choices will be limited.

    i don't think you will find an ips-led-tuner monitor for awhile. even if you do your selections will be very limited.

    if they look similar then they most likely are. if you are set on picking one of those two monitors then just do a quick google seach for model ###### reviews to see what people have said about them. if any of them seems to get bad reviews then pick the other.
  4. Hmm, problem is that Samsung has 1xVGA, 2xHDMI, but my video card has 2xDVI.
    So the question is i should buy dvi cable and dvi-to-hdmi or hdmi cable and hdmi-to-dvi?
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    Pick whichever seems better if you can find some reviews on those two monitors. You can buy either a DVI to HDMI converter that you stick on your video card or a DVI to HDMI cable.
  6. LG model has only few reviews, but yesterday i saw these 2 monitors in the shop, and Samsung was great
  7. my video card only has dvi outputs. the card came with a single-piece dvi-to-hdmi cable which works fine for playing with my tv (through hdmi input)
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  9. I am thinking if there is any way to connect analog cable televsion to samsung?
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