5.1 not working when connected to TV via hdmi then optical out

5.1 not working when connected to TV via hdmi then optical out to reciever

my set up:
radeon 6570 hdmi out to LG tv
optical out to surround reciever, result =stereo sound!

i have the exact same set up with my xbox
hdmi to TV,optical out to reciever= 5.1 surround!!

why won't i get surround this way from the pc card??
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  1. Also when i go to sound options/configure hdmi output in control panel, the option for surround is greyed out!
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  2. Because optical can only transmit 2 channel uncompressed sound, or a surround sound container format like Dolby Digital or DTS.

    Your PC is transmitting 8 channel uncompressed sound via HDMI. Your xbox is transmitting Dolby Digital.

    Hence, you only get 2 channel from your PC, and surround sound from your xbox.
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  3. thanks for that info!.. so how would i get surround sound from a hdmi lead when that has to go into the tv for the picture signal?

    buy a better reciever with hdmi input/output?

    plug it into that and then output via another hdmi cable to the tv for the picture?
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  4. You need to route the pc hdmi output to a receiver or an audio/video processor, which connects to the tv.
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  5. I have done this, and it still only allows stereo setup.
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  6. Schwahman said:
    I have done this, and it still only allows stereo setup.

    Did you find a solution to this? I have a similar setup:

    Radeon 7870 --- HDMI --- LG AV Receiver --- HDMI --- Sony TV

    The same setup with my PS3 connected instead of my computer outputs great 5.1 surround sound with no configuration needed. When I hook up my computer, Windows only gives me the option for stereo. It recognizes the "LGHomeTheatre" and the "AMD High Definition Audio Device". The video passes through my receiver to the TV just fine.
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  7. Update your AMD drivers.
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  8. Hi everyone, sorry to revive this old thread, but I have the exact same problem.

    after spending several hours checking google, I gave up and am asking my question here.

    I have this TV: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Samsung-UE55KU6172-55-inch-Sma... and I have it connected to my PC via HDMI cable. So far everything worked fine, I used the TV's speakers.

    However, now I bought this soundbar: https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-HW-M360-ZA-Wireless-Soun...

    And I bought these rear speakers for it: https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Electronics-Surround-SWA...

    So now I have it connected like this:
    PC->TV (through HDMI cable)
    Soundbar->TV (through optical cable)
    Subwoofer->Soundbar - bluetooth
    Rear speaker base->Soundbar - bluetooth

    Samsung advertises that together it creates a full surround system, so I thought it would be like a 4.1/5.1 system. However, I have 2 problems now.
    1) when I run a surround test video, when it shows that the front left/right speaker should be playing, the rear ones are actually playing as well and vice versa. So it doesn't seem like it is a real surround, but more like stereo?

    2) When I run my regular setup (as described above), my SOUND settings only show Stereo settings, no surround and I also checked my TV settings and Dolby Digital is greyed out.
    However, when I play a movie from a USB plugged right into the TV, the DOlby Digital can be chosen and the sound is amazing.

    Would anyone know what I should do? :( I am really desperate.
    I don't think I can return the soundbar anymore. Did I make a bad choice by buying it? Should have I gone for some regular 5.1. setup like Logitech Speaker System Z906, in case I could still return the soundbar?

    Thank You very much!
    Best regards,
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