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ok so im planning to get an acer notebook and have it taken to pakistan inshAllah but i cant figure out if they have warranty service there.

according to this link:;jsessionid=29D733213CDA0432140159188DE16DD7.public_a_14b?LanguageISOCtxParam=ar&sp=page15e&CountryISOCtxParam=MI&miu10einu23.current.attN2B2F2EEF=1062&ctx2.c2att1=24&miu10ekcond13.attN2B2F2EEF=1048&miu10ekcond12.attN2B2F2EEF=1062&ctx1.att21k=1&CRC=1099472196

there are many service locations in pakistan, but then according to this link

there is no warranty service provider in pakistan..
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  1. Usually any new laptop, regardless of brand is covered for 1 year unless you have purchased an additional warranty. I've always been under the impression that this warranty is good throughout the world. If there isn't a repair center in Pakistan that will honor the warranty, your best bet is to get a hold of Acer and see where you may be able to send the laptop in case in breaks down while you are in Pakistan.
  2. You have to check their warranty information. Some manufacturers such as Toshiba, have a limited regional warranty. You could take the notebook elsewhere. But if you send it for repairs at your local store, they would only honor the warranty if you are not a resident of the said country (meaning you are a tourist). If you are a resident of the said country, they would not honor the warranty.
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