Gateway LT2104u netbook touchpad movement lag accuracy problems not work

1) The software or driver has a slight lag before moving the mouse. A plugged in mouse reacts perfectly. Tried turning off gestures. Any ideas? Is it the pad itself of the software?

2) The touch pad stopped working after plugging in a mouse on a 2nd machine. Tried the touchpad drivers again not even sure. Any procedure helps thanks.
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  1. Usually if you hook up an external mouse to a laptop the touchpad is automatically disabled. In regard to the lag, it is most likely a software related issue. How long has this been going on?
  2. has problem when mouse is removed.
    brand of touchpad was found in hardware menus.
    driver was downloaded.
    current driver uninstalled.
    new driver installed.
    didn't work after many boots
    post made above
    prepared to drive image the working image back to the C drive
    and it suddenly worked.
    nobody else has the problem and nobody knows how to fix it apparently.
    if you get lucky it fixes itself.

    The wonders of computers to have a mind of their own unlike the DOS days where we had control of our deterministic computers :)
  3. The lag is straight out of the box.
    It seems to be from a 'smart setting' such as the one finger drag.
    Its annoying.
  4. bytebyte said:
    The lag is straight out of the box.
    It seems to be from a 'smart setting' such as the one finger drag.
    Its annoying.

    Hi, I have the same problem with the lag. Did you figure a way to fix that. Please email me if you can if you have information on how to fix that. my email is
  5. No and if there is no help on this site I'm thinking other sites just know less.

    Luckily the plug in mouse works. There is just no software screens for the mouse.
  6. This removed all post keyboard touchpad lag in my Gateway lt25. I uninstalled the synaptics program in add or remove programs. I then downloaded an older synaptics driver called from I used a Vista era driver but it works great in XP and now I can use the touchpad simultaneously with the keyboard.
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