Any info on ATI Mobility Radeon HD 560v

Sorry to come back to this question which I had unsuccessfully asked at the bottom of an old thread.

I am considering buying a dell laptop with a ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 560v but I wanted to check some benchmarks first and I can't find anything on this. I even thought for a while that it was a typo and they meant 4650 or 5650, which dell usually offers but no, 560v exists !

I found it on the AMD website

But I am really no expert and although they give a lot of technical specifications, I am lost without the benchmarks and I have no idea what it is worth!

I want it to be at least comparable to the 4650...

Does anybody know more about this or can someone a bit more knowledgeable than I am (that's not difficult!!) give me an advise?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    HD 560v and 4650M have almost the same specs so their performance is pretty much the same
  2. Thanks, Maziar.

    It is quite worrying not to find any review of this on the web so although I was ready to go with the 4650, I am reluctant to buy a computer with the 560v ! I guess it is just because I am too ignorant to see that they are the same... ;-)

    I will try to trust your judgement on that and go ahead ! ;-)
  3. Yes its hard to find anything about it but judging from its specs,it pretty much has the same specs of 4650M
  4. Many many thanks Maziar for taking the time to look into it and reply.

    I know I am asking 55 times the same question but I am really nervous about making a wrong decision and being stuck with the computer for a few years after that, unable to run any game that is a bit demanding on the video side (I am not looking into a huge gaming power but at least something decent that would let me run recent games on a medium setting, which I think the combo core i7 + 4650 would offer).

    Is there a chance that the specs are deceiving? Having very similar specs do definitely mean that the performance is comparable or could there be a hidden issue? I know this question is redundant and I sound like a poor little boy that needs his dad to be reassuring! But since you are acting like a nice experienced daddy to me, would you mind telling me if you would feel confortable enough looking at the specs to buy it yourself instead of a more well known 4650?

    Thanks again and again!

    (other answers from potential daddys are welcomoe as well! ;) )
  5. lol don't talk like that,asking is always good because it will help the person to know more :)
    Can you post the links of both laptops ?
  6. Maziar said:
    lol don't talk like that,asking is always good because it will help the person to know more :)
    Can you post the links of both laptops ?

    Thanks for encouraging me to ask! It's not that I feel ashamed of asking when I don't know, it is that I am embarassed about asking something and then asking "sure?" and then "real real sure?" !! This is kind of what I am doing here! :D

    I can send you the link to the computer I am considering but, unfortunately, I have a second big flaw: I am French! And, although, I live in the US, I plan to buy my computer in France because it is almost the only way to get one of these weird azerty keyboards that we like to use! So the page would be in French.

    I know that there may be better options around there but I am looking for a brand that has a global warranty because I need to be covered abroad (where I am likely to live) and dell sounds like pretty convenient on that side (dell US would be servicing a French dell computer, for instance) and I am not going for any screen smaller than 17'. So that narrows the option quite significantly!

    So, the computer I am considering (for approximately $1,100) would have the following specs:
    - core i7 720QM
    - 17 inch screen
    - 4G DDR3 memory
    - 500 Go SATA hard drive
    - No blue-ray
    - 9 cel battery
    - and the mysterious Carte ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 560v de 1 Go

    The other option would be a similar computer with core i5 520M and the 5650 GPU. But it is not cheaper ($50 difference, approximately) and I had made up my mind (based on previous advise) to go for the i7 + 4650 combo rather than i5 + 5650... but I am lost with this 560v !

    Thanks again for your advise and your great attitude ! :)
  7. Gaming-wise,i5 520M with 5650M performs better than either i7 720/4650M or i7/560v because 5650M>4650M=560v
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