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hello, i am wanting to use a data projector for main tv, with my cable tv, and with using audio option thats not the built in projector speaker,

i was thinking i could use a home theater systems or a simple sound bar nothing really huge or fancy just some thing with decent audio,

some thing like
would work if usable or some thing a little better,

anyway im not sure how i would be able to hook up a data projector i have a EMP-1715 that was given to me,

if it was doable i wanted to hook it up to my cable tv (i have a digital box) using the sound bar or some other home theater systems, also hook up my xbox 360, and wii, to it, is i can with them both also using the sound bar.

not sure what other items i would need to get like a A/V switch or some thing, any help would be great thanks =)

and sorry if i put this ins the wrong location
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    You will need an audio video selector to be able to chose which source feeds the projector and soundbar. The projector component, svideo, and composite video inputs so you will have to chose a selector with the right types of video switching. The component video which uses 3 RCA cables is the best one to use. On your projector you will need an adapter cable since it uses the VGA connector for component video after setting this in the menu.
    The soundbar has one analog stereo input so the selector will have to handle this. Don't expect the soundbar to be very good but certainly better than the built in speaker of the projector.
    If you have a stereo system of any kind you could try that instead. Doesn't matter how old.
    The projector is not high definition but will give you a little better than standard definition with HD material. The projector is a 4:3 aspect ratio which means it is designed for the shape of analog TV not HD TV. You will have to set the video outputs of each source for the projector.
  2. ok so if i got some thing like this

    and the vga to component adapter, in a nut shell i would go from the projector to the switch with the red/blue/green component cable to the vid out on the a/v switch, then plug my cable box vid out to vid in #1 on the a/v switch, i'll get my cable tv displayed on the projector, and so on for #2 and number #3...

    think got that right,

    whats really confusing me is what i need to do with the soundbar

    is what i might go with,

    it has the red/white outputs the red/white would go to the out on the a/v switch, and i would be good to go? so which ever switch i had it on would both be getting audio and vid right?
  3. Yes you do have it right. You will also need an adaptor with 2 female RCA going to a single stereo miniplug for the soundbar.
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