Looking for comfortable mouse that's ok with tendonitis

I have tendonitis in my hand and wrist so I need a comfortable mouse. I have a razor naga and logitech mx518 that I like but some times I get pain and cramping in my pinky and ring finger during long gaming sessions. Is there a larger mouse out there that would give more support to the outside of my right hand? Or is there some other kind of input device I should try?

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  1. Hard to beat the classic Microsoft mouse -- I tend to grab any of the glossy finished ones I see in flea markets because they are durable, comfortable and easy to clean.
  2. the razer deathadder is a fairly large mouse. not sure how it relates to your naga.

    the thumb-ball tracball mice can be very large. some are even large enough to hold your entire hand. tracballs would be very odd to game with though! however, they can be great for people with arthritis or other hand issues.
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