SAMSUNG printer cartidge failure

I have a Samsung ml-1630w laser printer. It worked one day and the next it say the cartridge is not inserted and no matter how I insert the cartridge it just says insert cartridge.

Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Check that there are any other drawers or doors and open them then make sure they are fully shut.

    Possible a sensor has failed. In case it's just a mechnical switch that's jammed, take the cartridge out and shine a torch in there or feel for a small lever.

    If you can see any metal contacts on the cartridge make sure they are clean and check there's no paper or other debris in the cartridge slot.
  2. Thanks fihart,

    Have checked the contact switch that is made when cartridge is inserted and appears to be OK have also checked for a paper jam but printer is clear, am wondering if it could be a cartridge failure so have sent for a replacement and will let you know if that works.
    Otherwise it means a return for service and am not sure how much that will cost. so might be cheaper to replace printer.

  3. Hello,

    Have just received a new cartridge for my printer and it works, so it must be the old cartridge which I must say is an actual Samsung product.

    I know for a fact it has only been used for a few hundred pages so it shows you that its not just running out of ink that can stop your printer from working.

    Thanks for the help.

    Ian :D
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