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Blank screen on startup - XPS M1530

I woke up this morning and tried turning on my xps laptop and to my suprise it... doesn't. The power comes on, the power LED is on and it makes all the sounds the laptop itself makes on start up but the screen just stays blank. I tried to leave it on while I showered but still nothing happens.

I've already looked through the tech support and couldn't find anything. It tells me my LCD may be broken but if that's the case an external monitor would work but even using one nothing is displayed so i can rule out a broken LCD. I called tech support and the agent doesn't even give support and just tells me right off the bat i need to replace my LCD for $499 even though i told him i tried using an external mon and can rule out a broken LCD so no help there.

Can anyone advise as to what may be wrong and what I can do? I really do hope it isn't faulty hardware as i am a student and just don't have that kind of money to fork out. Also it may be noted I've had absolutely no problems with it in the past and the night I was using it before it was working perfectly fine.
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  1. Return it to the dealer. If you did nothing negligent he should be prepared to repair or replace at his cost within a reasonable period of purchase -- which, for a consumer durable, is well beyond the year of any manufacturer's warranty in most jurisictions (though six years is a realistic limit in the UK where I live).

    If he quotes warranty terms, quote back the bit about it not affecting your normal consumer rights.

    However, I note that you have XP so this probably isn't exactly a new computer. As it sounds like a motherboard fault, you may be forced to consider buying a replacement (that will probably now cost less than repair).
  2. Well the problem refers to my laptop and i am currently using my desktop which is a much older machine hence xp. My laptop can't be turned on so I cannot use it at the moment.

    It's a dell laptop and i bought it just short of 2 years ago and my warranty was only for a year. I tried calling dell tech support but apparently they can't even give technical support over the phone if my warranty has expired. I don't know if that's how it usually works but it seems awfully uptight if I can't even receive support on one of their products over a phone without warranty.

    I know a guy so for now I asked him to see if he can do anything about it tomorrow as I've tried pretty much everything I can do without taking my laptop apart. Thanks for your input fihart.
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    If you bought this computer direct from Dell in USA consult your Better Business Bureau (or City/State Consumer Protection).

    Regardless of what the drones at the call centre may have been told to say, Dell management will know that even though they are the manufacturer and the vendor you have normal rights against them as vendor.

    At the very least I would write to Michael Dell (the owner) stating your situation and
    tell him what you think of such service. You might also direct him to the thread in the Systems Forum here titled "Dell Sucks".
  4. I am facing the same problem. Did you find a solution. If YES, Please share.
  5. I just got my computer back from repair shop after having had same problem during the last 3 weeks, in beginning it would come up normally every 5th time but at the end I couldn't get it on at all.
    The repair shop called me after half a day saying that now display was coming on each time they turned it on and when I picked it up I of course asked what was the problem, and to my surprise he said we just cleaned it inside, I know it sounds absolutely stupid but now after 3 days of use it behaves just like when I got it, no problem what so ever. Price for cleaning was 11.5 USD so extremely cheap when I expected a bill of around 100-200 USD.
    So trying taking it apart and remove all the dirt inside and see what happens
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