Should i unplug the vga cable from my 32" lcd or the vga port on my pc

hello there i have hooked up my laptop to my 32" lcd via vga cable and let me just say oh man, its one of the craziest things i've ever seen pc on a 32" tv excellente !!!!! my question is however when i'm done with using the tv and have to take the laptop elsewhere what is the proper way to unhook the the tv from the laptop, should i just unplug it from the back of the tv, or the laptop,should i turn the tv off first then unhook it? not sure what to do, just wondering if someone could help thank you
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  1. Shouldn't matter what sequence you disconnect in or whether the power is on or off.

    If the computer doesn't revert to its own screen when disconnected, close it down before disconnecting so that you can see to close down the computer normally.
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