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My avg ran a scan on my laptop with Vista installed. It said I have a trojan horse called BHO.MEU windows\system32\PeNx-1t_C.dll I tried to remove it and it said forced removal would cause the computer to crash. It was moved into a virus vault but I am still uneasy knowing it is there. Is there a safe way to remove it and how could I have gotten it? Thanks,
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  1. Should be safe in the vault. If you've had no obvious problems since the event, AVG has done its job well.
  2. Well It has just happened so I will give it time. Thanks so much.
  3. Got another one today today, same one. All I had to do was click on Yahoo.
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    Google the name of the virus and any associated filenames. You'll probably find a recommendation on how to get rid of it. If you keep getting attacks then there's probably something still resident on your machine (not just in the vault).
  5. Finally called the internet support company. They have a virus protector that took it out immediately. I was getting it twice every time clicked on internet explorer.
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