Inspiron 1520 show no sign of power

I have a Dell Inspiron 1520 I got from a friend so i dont know what could have happened but he claimed it was the ac adapter that wasnt working so i used 2 different chargers and the laptop is just not showing any life. I took the battery out and tried that as well. No indicator lights are showing as well . Please help ? I'de ovbiously be willing to pay to get this fixed. Any suggestions ?
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  1. If it isn't the AC adapter and it isn't booting with the battery out, I'd think that it has something to do with the power jack. You can usually buy a replacement jack or do a bit of soldering to get it working. Your best bet though would be to bring it to a computer repair center and see what they have to say and how much it would cost. After all, it could also be a motherboard issue or something else.
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