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hey i have laptop of acer of aspire 5542 series.i have a prob and cant understand that.when i play a heavy game on my laptop like pes football 2010 or mirrors edge etc,after playing 20 to 30 minutes my laptop turnoff automatically in just 2 sec.and the thing which from i worried which can be cause of it is that laptop start burning and becomes very hot when i play a heavy game.and if i paly simple game or just do anything light it didnt turn off.plz help me.
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  1. It sounds like the laptop is shutting down to protect itself from overheating.
    It could be that the laptop does not get enough air circulating to help cool it down.
    Try playing your game with the laptop on a flat metal surface.
    Or maybe find something that would raise the laptop slightly off the flat surface to help dissipate heat during gaming.
  2. Oh great, as the previous poster had already said. The most likely reason for Its auto shutting down is to prevent the CPU from overheating, I bet you wasn't able to power it up until it cooled off a bit? And Its an AMD processor... There is really nothing much you can do about it unless you know how to apply a new layer of thermal paste onto the CPU, maybe you can take it to a nearby acer service center and request them to apply the thermal paste. You can try to keep the laptop temperature down by using it in air-conditioned room and try not to block the vent of the laptop.
  3. bro i dnt know about thermal paste,however where to paste that.and the other thing when i bought this laptop 2 to 3 months ago it also heats up like that at that time but dont shutdown,this starts happening from 2 days ago.and also it starts imediately after shutting down,dont take time and starts normally,i have checked that before.
  4. Try using a laptop cooling pad that might control the overheating issue, I had an HP notebook and after using a good cooling pad of Belkin, it controlled the temp. :)
  5. I would suggest you to take it to a nearby service center and get them to solve the problem for you. I think you can switch off the auto shutdown option in the BIOS if you doesn't want your computer to auto shut down. However, it may damage your laptop which I believe you would want it to be so...
  6. well like the others say, it could well be a heat problem. Most laptop cooling solutions have a set of copper fins at the exhaust, it might be worth giving those a blast with an aerosol duster if it looks dusty.

    The idea of a laptop cooler is a good one too, hey usually have a fan and are quite cheap.
  7. Yeah, and that can be used for a long run too.
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