Fake overheating

I have a client's machine here. The board is an MSI6769 with Celeron 1700. The bios says the temps are 35/40 inside. When I run any monitor inside Windows it says anything upto 65/105 (I made sure everything is Celsius as well) And the PC keeps crashing, even though we have replaced and checked almost everything. And it's not software or drivers.

Now, the weirdest is this... When I take my BIOS and put a warning when overheating (70 degrees), while the machine boots it beeps irregularly every few seconds, upto a point inside Windows where it becomes constant, and right then it crashes.

I have checked for overheating, removed the heatsink, left the case open, checked the fans. (the heatsink is not even 40 degrees)

I've heard somewhere that the temperature meter is inside the CPU (Am I embarrassing myself here?) If this is faulty, ie giving higher temperatures to the CPU, will it crash the PC?


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  1. i think it still is in fahrenheit, because 40 celcius is about 100 fahrenheit..

    BTW: that signature of you doesn't make any sence...

  2. Nope. When I set it to Fahrenheit it's like 160/201.

    The motherboard is definately Celsius.

    Motherboard Monitor just gives the CPU a 0, because it can't meassure past 100 degrees.

    MSI's monitor does the same.

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  3. I had a (not so serious though) simmilar problem, with my Asus P4T-E mobo.
    But after I did a BIOS update it went away.

    Have you got the latest BIOS intalled?
    Maybe that will help? *S*

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  4. I had a problem with a new computer I built. It did not crash but kept giving me very high temp readings (a utility I got with the mobo). The heat sink was cool, Sandra temp readings was low I also whought it had a faulty temp meter, but after consulting with a few people. I removed the heat sink, cleaned the thermal paste and put a fresh layer. Had to do it twice but after that the temp went from 70-80C to ~40C. Guess there was not enough contact between the CPU and the heat sink.
  5. Thanks

    The PC is stable since yesterday. I cleaned up the muck that comes on Intel's stockie HSF. Why they ever thought foil and black soot is better than heatpaste is beyond me.

    You take my breath away.

    But what have you stepped in to smell this way?
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