HP Pavilion hard drive pin incompatibility

I am trying to find a replacement for the 160gb hard drive in my HP Pavilion dv6000 laptop. Hopefully a 320gb. It appears that mosdt SATA hard connectors are standard card end connector flat pins while my HP only accepts a drive with "L" shaped round pins that fit into vertical slits on the MB connector.

After extensive searchs through pictures of drives on the web, even surrent WD1600BEVS drives have flat pins. I thought all SATA laptop drives were interchangeable. How do I find a pin compatible drive?

Laptop: HP Pavilion DV6663us
Drive: WD1600BEVS-60STO
SATA, 5400 rpm, 2.5"
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  1. Take a look at the link below and select the exact model of your computer. The site should have a few hard drives that you can use in your laptop:

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