Blue Screen 6.1.7601. local 1033

I have a Dell Studio XP that's about 18 months old. Over the past month, most of the time I try to boot it up, I end up with a blue screen 6.1.7601., local 33. BC code d1, BC p1: 10, BC P2: 2, P3: 0, 4: FFFFF880016CE566
OS Version 6_1_7601, Service Pack 1_0, Prod 768-1. I have no idea what these numbers mean. I can operate the system in safe mode, and I can restore the system. It's usually fine until I shut it down and try to reboot. On at least one occasion I got a blue screen while it was running.
I've run Macafee checks for viruses etc, but nothing comes up.
Can anyone help??? Thanks
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  1. run
    it will read your crash dump file and give a pretty good indication of what crashed your PC
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