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Is there any negative impact to purchasing a laptop with Windows 7 Professional vs. Windows 7 Home? I am purhcasing a new laptop and would prefer if I could to have the "Home" version of the Operating System (this is what I have on my current laptop now);however, many of the Black Friday deals are for pre-built models that already have the "Professional" version installed.

Just wondering if there is any negative impact with a laptop that will be for personal non-professional use that has the "Professional" operating system.

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    Works the same but has a few extra features ^ Will be fine for you to purchase
  2. Thank You!
  3. Thank You - This was very helpful.

    Looks like the Professional version has some extra features that pertain primarily to business needs that I will likely not use on my home computer but will not hurt anything to have them there.

    Thanks again!
  4. Your statement is correct ^
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