I have a quick question about 5.1 speakers

I know that 2.1 and 2.0 speakers use one 3.5mm jack. However, I don't know how many jacks that a 5.1 set of speakers uses. Does it use more than one? Are there any 5.1 speakers that just use one 3.5mm? If 5.1 speakers would/could use more than one 3.5mm jack, then could I run both jacks through a splitter?

Some speaker recommendations would also be nice. My limit on any sort of speakers is about 60-70$. I really don't want to go past that mark. Also, newegg links are fine with me. I get taxed at newegg though, so I generally only buy from amazon. So, hopefully any ideas for speakers can also be found on amazon.

Thanks in advance for any and all help.
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  1. i am assuming you are talking about pc speakers.

    5.1 pc speakers use 3 jacks if i remember correctly. no you can not run them on a single jack. no using a splitter on the one jack will not make it work.

    you need a soundcard capable of providing 5.1 sound. if you do not have the correct jacks then buy an internal soundcard. if that isnt an option then they do make external usb soundcards as well.

    buy logitech. the low end 5.1 goes for about $99 but you might be able to get a deal somewhere.
  2. OK, I'll explain in more detail of what I'm trying to do. I bought this: http://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Wireless-Speaker-Bluetooth-980-000540/dp/B004VM1T5S/ref=cm_srch_res_rtr_1

    I want to be able to play music wireless. I found these speakers for $60:


    Is it possible to run 5.1 speakers through into the Logitech wireless adapter? I know the wireless adapter has RCA and 1x 3.5mm jack. As stated above, I can't run sound solely from the 3.5mm into the wireless hub. But, is it possible to run 5.1 speakers through RCA into the hub? Are there any cables I need to buy or anything else I need in order to use the 5.1 speakers with the wireless adapter? My computer is modern, so I don' think that there will be any incompatibilities.
  3. Why would you spend that much money and ruin the sound with a crappy wireless adapter? run the wires and get creative with hiding them, you will get a much better sound if you dont make them wireless. Just my 2 cents. Good Luck!
  4. could you haphazardly make it work? possibly. if you are lucky.

    will it sound good? doubful.

    will it be 5.1? doubtful.

    can i offer any advice on how to? no.

    what i dont understand is why you want $60-70 speakers, which by the way limits you pretty much to a low end pc set, to be wireless. all of the speakers will connect up to the subwoofer or right channel speaker anyways... so you WILL have wires. eliminating the wire from there to your pc is NOT worth the hassle.

    i agree with viconus... use the jacks on your soundcard to wire up to a standard 5.1 set directly. this is how the speakers are meant to be connected. at your price range i doubt you will find any with "wireless" or any other fancy features.


    go out and spend $900 on one of the bose home theater units with wireless speakers and cry that you bought a product worth only half that much in real world value.
  5. Hello, i don't know if im too late with my post but there is a 5.1 speaker set which gives great sound and surround and uses one plug (you need to plug 3 in the subwoofer and you could use all 3 of them if you have the space for it in your pc) the speakers and subwoofer uses an matrix decoder to make your sound card make virtual surround for all of the 5 speakers and the subwoofer, the speakerset is an Logitech X-540.

    All you have to do when you have the set delivered is plug all the tulip-speaker cables in the subwoofer, plug the black, pink and green 3.5 mm jacks in the subwoofer, and on the other side of the cord you also have a black, pink and green 3.5 mm jack, now only plug the green jack in your pc/laptop's headphone jack and activate the matrix decoder (on your remote control delivered with the system) Here is the link to the set, you could buy them there but im pretty sure you can find them wááyy cheaper because i found the set for just 70 euro's in the netherlands
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