Plz help in restoring a lenovo ideapad z560

i had problem starting my Lenovo ideapad z560. after many tries it started so i immediatly launched one key app. laptop rebooted but showed a error saying 'Disc Read Error. press cntrl+alt+del to restart. now iam using laptop in safe mode. plz help with this problem,one key app restores my laptop to earlier time. i dont have a windows cd. the OS is hidden in hard disc.also my windows restore is not working... and i dont wana lose my genuine windows
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  1. First back up your data in safe mode. Then find your Windows 7 key and then download a Windows 7 SP1 image to burn to DVD that is the same as your current version from here:

    Then follow this guide to do a repair install, which will save your programs and data, unless you want to do a clean re-install:

    The do not activate windows on the Internet, do it by phone and explain you had to do a repair install because you would not restore, MS is very understanding about this and allows this sort of activation as long as it is the same computer and same version you had.
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