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Saw <A HREF="" target="_new">this</A> on tech-report.
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  1. That was funny, but it sounds more like Apple than Intel to me. :eek:

    "Sad is the elephant upon the ice who went to put on his wooly coat only to realize that he left it in his other trunk." - DeEvolution
  2. Actually, prescott's press launch was a very reasonably written one. It didn't tout prescott as being the fastest processor.

    As a matter of fact, Intel really never tauted prescott.

    It does sound more like apple than Intel, still! :frown:
  3. I saw this link posted in "graphics cards" -- about NVidia, pretty applicable too.
  4. <<As a matter of fact, Intel really never tauted prescott.>>>

    with those dismal numbers.. would u?
  5. haha... i realy thought that this was going to be a report of some sort... :P

    i must agree tho, that does sound very much like apple

    the next day is a pretty good addition.

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  6. The numbers are not dismal, pope_eternal. They're above equally rated bartons. The number's aren't great right now, but you have to keep things in perspective. AMD was also behind P4Cs by the time the Bartons were out, and I don't remember anyone saying that the Barton numbers were dismal.

    Take it easy...
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