Advice on Surround Sound HeadPhones Corsair 1500 v Logitech G35

I was thinking of getting headphones instead of a 5.1 surround sound system for my gaming system. I don't have room for an appropriate setup. I found an exact thread dated 12/27/11 but they were not clear as to which they enjoy most. One returned an item and was going to order the other. Anyone have any first hand experience on these two 7.1 headphones?
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    5 minutes of google search will show that the Logitech G35 and its wireless brother the G930 is Plagued with driver issues. Beware the Logitech headsets or roll the dice. Your choice. When they worked that sound was outstanding, but the hours of turning the head set on/off, Auto shutoff, plugging and unplugging the usb were not worth my time or effort. I RMA'd them, took them to Frys as a no receipt return and bought a pair of TurtleBeach gaming headsets. The highs and mids sound great, but the deep bass in them were lacking. Overall I am happy with the TurtleBeach > Logitech. Good Luck.
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