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Where to get High Quality DVI or VGA to BNC cables?

I bought a couple different DVI-D to BNC cables and noticed the ones I got tend to ghost when they are in a certain position, I can wiggle them and this can go away till moved again. Im looking for new ones but most cables I find are dvi-a or VGA to BNC.

Do the BNC cables even take advantage of the DVI-A or dvi-I connections?

Is there a place where the cables are good and I wont get any ghosting from wires touching or whatever is causing it when I move the wires around?

Im running at
2340x1440 80Hz right now but it does it when I was running it at 1080p standards and 70Hz too if this matters to anyone.
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  2. it might just be the nature of such connections. you could try a better cable but this might not fix your issue.


    why are you running a BNC connection?

    (what devices, what ports are available)

    DVI-HDMI would be the sugested route for no quality loss. DVI/HDMI-VGA would sugger some quality loss but nothing terrible.
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